July 21, 2019

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BCFP Issues New Disclosure Forms

In May of 2018, President Donald Trump signed into law the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (Act), which amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Act was passed in an effort to ease some of the harsher … [Read more...]

How to Get Relief from Overwhelming Student Loan Debt

Are you the 1 in 4 adults with student loan debt? Many people pay their student loans each month, but they see no end in sight. Interest continues to accrue, and some people may end up paying down their loans for the rest of their lives. If you’re … [Read more...]

Upsolve Could Make Bankruptcy a Viable Option for More People

Last year, nearly 500,000 people filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a process whereby a person can eliminate crushing debt and start anew. That number, though seemingly high, does not include all the people who opted out of bankruptcy merely because of … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Rights In Relation to Debt Collection

Debt collectors, or companies that collect debts owed to other creditors, are prohibited from employing certain tactics, thanks to a law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). To avoid being bullied by collectors, it’s important to … [Read more...]

Understanding Dischargeable and Non-Dischargeable Debt in Bankruptcy

Are you dealing with debt collectors? If you feel overwhelmed by debt, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. This will allow you to have some of your debt erased. While bankruptcy offers relief from some debt, not all debts can be erased … [Read more...]

How Much Debt is Required to Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not based on a certain dollar amount of debt, but on your inability to make the monthly payments on your unsecured debts. If your income is equal to or below that state median, you qualify. If your income is … [Read more...]

What Happens to Inheritance in a Bankruptcy Case?

When it comes to collecting a debt in a bankruptcy case, creditors aren’t usually picky about where the money comes from, as long as it’s eventually paid back. But legally speaking, there are limitations on which assets can be used to pay a debt. … [Read more...]

Is Bankruptcy Your Only Option for Debt Relief?

There are various reasons for your debts, but one thing is sure, too much debt cause disastrous financial and psychological consequences. You may have been responsible for your debt (though unwise purchase decisions. Many people also fall into debt … [Read more...]

Mounting Student Loans – Should you file for Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling with mounting student loans, you are not alone. The American Student Assistance organization claims that over $1 trillion is owed in student loan debt. In fact, student loans have surpassed credit card debt nationwide. When … [Read more...]

What Are Some Things To Avoid Before Bankruptcy?

A lot of bankruptcy filers make mistakes which can complicate the bankruptcy process for them. These mistakes are usually made even before they file their petition for bankruptcy at the courthouse. By committing these mistakes, the individual may not … [Read more...]